Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Suicide Shop by Jean Teule (France) + New Blog!!

The Suicide Shop by Jean Teule
Review by: Lauren

The Suicide Shop, set in a futuristic world, is about the Tuvache family who sells the means for people to kill themselves (ropes tied for hanging, poison in bottles, and more). Mishima, Lucrece, and their children Vincent, Marilyn, and Alan are in the business to help others, though they cannot personally use any of their products. When asked why not, their mother replies that “I’ve told you a hundred times: because it’s impossible. Who’d look after the shop?” However, the parents have tried out one item and greatly regret this decision for most of the book. You see, they tested a condom with a hole in it (for those that want to die from an STD) and the product was their last son Alan who is a disgrace to the moody family. After all, he’s just too happy!

Alan is the type of kid who likes to draw fun pictures, sing, and smile at his parents. But if you have parents that are dealing with death everyday, this is definitely not their type of child. The family tries to do all they can to change him and make him just a little bit more morose, but nothing ever seems to work. As time goes on, Alan even seems to be rubbing off on the rest of the family, showing them the good and happy in life. At one point, he’s talking to a customer who believes that they are horrible looking and Alan replies with “How are you monstrous? What on earth are you saying? You’re like everyone else: the same number of ears, eyes, a nose…What’s the difference?”

Each chapter is relatively short and overall, the book reads a lot like little short stories that are all connected. Even though this story is called The Suicide Shop, it’s actually a very amusing read and will most likely have you laughing out loud at some points. It also has a great message though, underneath it all, and that is the love of life, just like Alan is trying to show his family.

I must say though that the ending had me quite shocked. I didn’t see it coming at all, but after some thought, I think it’s fitting. This is a quick read that is definitely recommended!
French Novel that was Translated into English for a Publisher in England
On another note, I wanted to mention a new blog that you should all check out. Authors Toni Hargis and Michael Harling (I've got guest blogs/interviews from them on here) have banded together to talk about an American in the UK and a gal from England in the U.S.


sharonanne said...

Wow this book sounds really freaky in a good way.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sharon: That's pretty much spot on. I loved it!


LisaMay said...

Hey :) I thought this sort of fit in with the blog,


Amy said...

this looks really good, i'm definitly checking it out!
great review btw

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Amy: Thank you, and I'm glad you think it sounds good. I really like it, so definitely read it if you can.


robin_titan said...

oooh this one sounds awesome

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Robin: Oh, it's great. You should check it out. I'd love to talk to someone else about it and see what they thought. :)


KD said...

THis sounds really good in a kind of wierd way. I would definitly read this sometime! :]

Shooting Stars Mag said...

KD: You should! It's definitely a bit weird, but very interesting and unique. :)


Marie said...

Sounds unique and edgy and offbeat. Perfect! :-)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Marie: Great words for this book. Definitely check it out if you can.

Sadako said...

This sounds morbidly hilarious! I have to read it.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Sadako: Oh, for sure! :)