Monday, May 16, 2011

Bridge the Gap is Back With...

Bridge the Gap is the second blog I've started. First, it was meant to cover entertainment from non-USA countries. It got to be a bit too much...and I figured I'd just add that type of things to Shooting Stars Mag, because I still love international books and films and whatnot. My second take on the blog was to let people know about giveaways and contests throughout the blog/online world. That lasted for a bit, and while I still enter tons of giveaways, I don't really post about them on blogs anymore. I tend to stick to the other entries more.

However, I'm back with this blog for a couple reasons. One, the title fits a lot of different themes (Bridge the Gap), I didn't want to create an entirely new blog for something that won't last too much past 2011 I don't think (but perhaps!) and I already have some followers why not keep those starting out?

Anyway...Bridge the Gap is back with my new project. If you know me, this isn't shocking. I often try and take on a bunch but I really want this to happen and I hope everyone out there can help me in their own little (or big) way.

I'm currently running auctions for two very deserving people and I hope you'll check that out for now as it will be ending next month and we'll split the money down the middle. My latest idea involves auctions though. This time though, all the money raised through the auctions and just kind donations will go to ONE person...for the most part...and it will be as a scholarship. This person must identify as LGBT or an Ally.

I'm going to make a post after this that has more full details for those that wish to apply for the scholarship or want to spread the word to anybody that might wish to enter!

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