Sunday, January 1, 2012

Online Auctions Coming - Get Ready to Bid!

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The auctions to raise money for the Let's Get Beyond Tolerance scholarship will last through January. We are still taking more donations. To really raise more money, we'd definitely need some more donations. Thankfully, we already have a set $250. That is ALL because of author, Jessica Verday. She's an amazing person so if you "win" the scholarship, or even if you just feel like it, you should go and thank her.

Thanks to everyone else that offered something up for the auction as well. I really appreciate it and I hope we can honor an amazin person. So please, spread the word about the auctions and the scholarship. Apply and bid. Make this worth it for everyone that helped out and maybe we can do it again next year.

Happy New Year everyone. The auctions will start going up ASAP!

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