Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Your Mailbox

I figured it was about time I finally participated in The Story Siren's In Your Mailbox. Now, when it comes to reviewing things, especially books, I can be a bit slow. I'm mentioning this because if you see something in these posts and want to see a review, let me know and I'll try and be quicker, but my main reason for doing this is to slightly promote everything BEFORE the reviews are posted (Chelsea from The Page Flipper said this and I agreed!).

Everything that I got for Bridge the Gap's In My Mailbox were things that I bought myself!

First, I got The Angel Maker by Stefan Brijs
This novel fits Bridge the Gap's theme because the author is from Belgium.

Summary: A literary page-turner about one man’s macabre ambition to create life—and secure immortality

The village of Wolfheim is a quiet little place until the geneticist Dr. Victor Hoppe returns after an absence of nearly twenty years. The doctor brings with him his infant children—three identical boys all sharing a disturbing disfigurement. He keeps them hidden away until Charlotte, the woman who is hired to care for them, begins to suspect that the triplets—and the good doctor— aren’t quite what they seem. As the villagers become increasingly suspicious, the story of Dr. Hoppe’s past begins to unfold, and the shocking secrets that he has been keeping are revealed. A chilling story that explores the ethical limits of science and religion, The Angel Maker is a haunting tale in the tradition of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein. Brought to life by internationally bestselling author Stefan Brijs, this eerie tale promises to get under readers’ skin.

just a question of love Pictures, Images and Photos

Next, I got the film Just a Question of Love, which fits the theme because it's a French film (English subtitles). I have watched this film a couple times now, so you can hopefully expect a review in the next couple days. I just have to say now, however, that I really love this film and the overall message is just brilliant.

For now, here is the Summary:
Cyrille Thouvenin stars in this bittersweet tale of a twenty-something man reluctant to come out of the closet. Laurent keeps his homosexuality a secret, but things get complicated when he falls in love with Cedric. Openly gay, Cedric has no problem introducing Laurent as his boyfriend, even to his own mother. But Laurent's need for secrecy forces Cedric to give him an ultimatum: Either Laurent comes out of the closet, or Cedric will leave him.


The Story Siren said...

yay lauren! very interesting too!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Kristi: hah thanks!!!


Lenore said...

The Angel Maker was my Waiting on Wednesday pick a while back and I am finally getting a copy too, YAY!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Lenore: Oh, I didn't know that! I probably saw it and just forgot about it. I'm glad you're getting a copy soon too though!!! :)


OnlinePublicist said...

Hello Lauren,

You left a comment on BookZombie in regards to a book titled CONAN DOYLE'S WALLET. You expressed interest in reading a copy. I am working on the online campaign for that book. I am wrapping the campaign up and have a couple of copies left. Please contact me if you would like a copy for review on BridgeTheGap.

looking forward to hearing from you,
Lisa Roe
Online Publicist

Anna said...

These sound interesting. Happy reading!

Diary of an Eccentric

Jenners said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting my book blog! Your blogs are really interesting. I'll try to stop back when I have a bit more time. Sounds like you got a few good books -- and I love how you provided information so readers can get a feel for the books.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Anna: Thank you very much!!!

Jenners: You're so welcome! Thank you very much, I hope you find some stuff that interests you. :)
Thanks! I like knowing what books are about when I'm on other blogs, so I figured it would be the best way to go...especially if I want to help promote them!!